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Thank you for helping me in many areas. I do not have to worry about using inhalers before I run. I am feeling much better. I have not gotten sick this school year. I now know where to go when I am injured. You are my lifesaver. (6 people in my family have been seen by Julie here in Eugene for acupuncture)




October 1, 2010

Thank you Julie, for you have cured my asthma after twenty long years of suffering. I no longer need daily inhalers or any medication for asthma. My life is much better now that I do not have respiratory symptoms and no longer need medication for more than two years.




I've been seeing Julie since 2005. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to her! I'm an elementary school teacher. Julie has helped me overcome so many illnesses and injuries. I've suffered with allergies and asthma all my life. In just a couple treatments not only did I stop allergy medication, but do not have to use any of my four inhalers I had before! No symptoms in years!! I'm so happy!!


April 9, 2009

I am 15 years old. I have lived with asthma my whole life. My friend, an emergency doctor, referred me to Julie. Before my first treatment, I used my inhaler and my pills daily. Now, today, after my second treatment, I am feeling better. I am breathing better and I can concentrate more in school. After my first treatment, I did not use my inhaler at all, and I only needed my allergy pills once. I am also coughing less. I am more relaxed, I am happier, and I have a clear mind. After a tough work out, I had rib pain. Now it is completely gone. My acne has also almost disappeared, and I can sleep better. I am so happy I started acupuncture., and I plan to continue. Julie really works wonders. Thank you so much Julie.




When I first came to Julie on March 7, 2007. I had trouble breathing for seven months; I went to the emergency room one time because of that. My lung specialist ordered lung biopsy and then diagnosed me with NSIP non-specific interstitial pneumonia and prescribed Prednisone for me which I started at 90 mg a day and eventually reduced to 10 mg a day. I gained over 100 pounds after and had trouble breathing. My coworker referred me to see you since you cured his persistent cough. After the first visit with you, my breathing was back to normal. Then my doctor soon stopped all the medication. Since then I haven't had any breathing problems and no medication. It's been more than two years now. 

Acupuncture cured my breathing problem. Thank you!


I have felt much better after each visit with Julie along with some Chinese herbal medicine. I have also suffered from allergies and asthma. They have been a part of my life for more than 50 years. With time, my breathing problems have gotten worse. When I sought relief from acupuncture I had reached the point of being short of breath with every daily activity. Five different conventional drugs (taken all at the same time) just weren't helping. 

After the first treatment, I felt that I could draw a deeper breath without coughing. After the second visit, I was no longer breathless while doing everyday tasks. After the fourth visit, I only took one dosage of one kind of allergy medication in two weeks. Before this I had take three different types of oral medications and use two different forms of inhalers daily. I am

I am hopeful that with the additional treatment the duration of the relief will increase tand that I will not be short of breath when walking up an incline.  



March 17, 2008

I have been seeing Julie for about a month and half now and my overall health had drastically improved. I came just for asthma and allergies and I have had numerous other improvements I had not expected. My heartburn is also all gone. I used to use my inhaler every day since childhood, and now I never use it! I can go on and on.



I have suffered from asthma since I was eight years old, and fibromyalgia for over thirty years. The problems continued to get worse and worse until I had so much trouble getting out of bed in the morning that I had to quit my job as a CNA after twenty-seven years. My asthma was so bad that I had a persistent dry cough almost constantly, coughing up blood. This was combined with aches over my whole body, especially on my shoulder and back, a feeling of pressure on my chest, and frequent chest pain. My doctor told me that I could have a heart attack at any time (both my parents and my sibling had a heart attack). I also had a daily bloated stomach and cramps and poor appetite. My throat was very sore and with a dry mouth, that making it difficult to swallow. Many times I would choke on my food. I had to see a doctor twice to remove food from my throat. I also had hypertension for fourteen years. I slept restlessly. I felt so sick, tired, and bedridden most of the time. I had seen six doctors before I saw Julie, and it seemed that no one could help me much. I was extremely frustrated. I thought I was going to die, as did most of my family.

My neighbor was thrilled after he saw Julie, and referred her to me. I went to see Julie on July 19th, and after the first treatment along with some Chinese herbs, I felt significantly better, literally everything! I felt the best I had felt in ten years! I was no longer coughing up blood after this first visit. My shortness of breath and cough are much better, with far less medication. I no longer have chest pain, or pressure on my chest. My sore throat is gone, and my dry mouth is much better. I have no difficulty swallowing, and I no longer choke on my food. My headaches happen less frequently, and my memory and focus have improved greatly. I can find something that I have misplaced now but this was not as easy for me in the past. My blood pressure is lower. I no longer have heart palpitations. I do not overheat or get tired as easily. My stomach cramps are gone, the bloated feeling is less, and my appetite is coming back. My sleep is more restful, and I am emotionally happier. I had fourteen mini-strokes before I saw Julie, and I have not had a single one since being treated by her. I have more energy, and can now do some light housework. I even painted my deck! We had a family reunion three weeks ago, and everyone was surprised that I was doing so well. My primary doctor was also very pleased when I saw him last week. I know that healing takes time, but with five visits, my life has been changed already, and I will continue my treatment with Julie. My husband also received treatments from her, and was very happy with the results. Julie's acupuncture has helped me immensely.


Thank you very much for helping me!



December 2015


I wanted to thank you so very much for helping me and my family. You helped me so much with my depression and stresses, Logan with his headaches (concussion) and Will with his asthma (gone). We are so much better off because of you. Thank you! I wish you and your wonderful family the best, happiness and success. 

With warmest regards and love, 


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