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Thank you so much for helping my mom ~ she no longer has a bad cough after sixteen years (She had a surgery since her doctor thought the cough might be caused by acid reflex. and that did not help and she used Codeine daily for five years before coming to see Julie) She no longer walks with a cane after 1st treatment and she can now put her clothes on all by herself without help and that is the first time she could do this in five years. My mom was referred by her attorney here in Eugene.




May 18, 2009

I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis by my lung specialist, which I suffered with for more than two years. I had chest pain, shortness of breath, a chronic cough, mucus, as well as mucus. I ended up in the emergency room one time for chest pain. Since I came to Julie on May 2008, all my symptoms are gone after a few visits. Also I no longer feel depressed and my IBS and sciatica are gone. NOw I see Julie once in a while for general health maintenance. I sleep well now, my memory is getting better, my mind is peaceful and I have good energy.

Thank you Julie for helping me,



March 7, 2007

When I first came to see Julie, I had had trouble breathing for seven months; I went to the emergency room once because of that. My lung specialist ordered a lung biopsy and then diagnosed me with NSIP nonspecific interstitial pneumonia and prescribed Prednisone for me, which I started at 90 mg a day and eventually reduced to 10 mg a day. I gained over 100 pounds after and still had trouble breathing. My coworker referred me to see you since you cured his persistent cough. After my first visit with you, my breathing was back to normal. Then my doctor soon stopped all the medication. Since then I haven't had any breathing problems and no medication. It's been more than two years now.

Acupuncture cured my breathing problem. Thank you!

A grateful patient


March 2, 2009

My first visit here was for a bronchial infection one year ago that lasted 3 months. In just 3 visits I felt restored to health!

Thank you so much!



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