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March 19, 2009

Julie has treated nine of my family members. Mostly I had heard from my uncle how much she had helped him (angina, shingles, sore throat, stroke). After five years with a wheelchair or walker, three visits with Julie he walked all by himself. Julie was able to heal the sore throat that he had for five years, he had seen three specialists previously. I came to see you with severe back pain, caused by herniated disk, high blood pressure, chest pains, and a very painful knee. All of these issues you have helped me with so much. No more pain medications! 

Thank you for making my life livable again!



My hip pain was much better after I started seeing Julie for acupuncture in October 2005. After going back to my doctor, he then took me off the morphine pump which I had for more than six years. Since I came to see Julie, I had no longer need a cane to walk, which was the result of stroke that I had suffered three years before I saw her. My breathing is so much better that I don't need an inhaler or other medication for my asthma, which I used to take daily. My hypertension and diabetes is also under control with less medication. I'm so happy after being bedridden for several years. I can now travel and do lots of things around my house, which I couldn't do before. 

Thank you, Julie.


Roy and I are thankful for the treatments you gave us.

Both of us feel so much better and continue to feel the benefits of the treatment. My tremor is lessened and my left arm is stronger. (Parkinsons, Stroke, and Arthritis, A-Fib, no longer need medicine to control the heart rate.)

We will be in touch with you.


Patti and Roy, Ocean Park, WA



Thank you for helping me in recovering from a stroke in 2007. You did wonders on my body. I would not be this healthy if you were not there to help me with acupuncture.





September 21, 2009

I came to see Julie for right arm/leg, weakness and tingling. In January 2007, which was followed by a stroke two weeks earlier. After my first acupuncture treatment, I no longer needed a walker to walk and I only needed a cane. After second treatment I could walk all by myself but carried my cane under my arm just in case. Since the third treatment, I do not need to carry a cane anymore! I could walk with all the confidence. My right side is almost as strong as my left side now.


Thank You!

Ida H.

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