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April 7, 2010

Julie, You have helped me with so many things, my diabetes, memory, bloated stomach, insomnia, sweating, stress, lower back pain, high blood pressure, asthma, dry skin, headaches and a lower energy level. All of these are better! I had allergies for over 40 years and took over the counter medicines, prescribed medicines and allergy shots for 5 years and nothing worked. Since coming to you for acupuncture in June of 2006- I have not taken a single medication for allergies. I have no more symptoms! Thank you for improving my quality of life, and my health!  I can’t imagine good health without acupuncture!

Sincerely, Debi C.



September 11, 2009

My father has been showing great overall improvement in both health and spirits in a very short time since coming to see Julie for acupuncture. Originally my dad came to see Julie for oak poisoning, itchy skin, and a slow healing wound on his leg. Today he is here for his third treatment. His dry cough and lung capacity are getting much better from treatments, more than any other thing he has tried. His mind is much more peaceful and he is more relaxed and happier. He has more energy and moves around better. His stomach feels more comfortable and he has less bloating. He has less problems concentration and he is showing improvement from a stroke he suffered with three years ago. He is walking better now. His skin itching has decreased and his wound is healing fast. These treatments have made my father better and both of us happier!

Update: September 18, 2009

My father worked 6.5 hours yesterday, that is the first time in a year and a half. He also can see better and is driving without glasses.

Thank you Julie,



April 17, 2012

I'm on my fourth visit to Julie after a car accident. I feel great no more pain or headaches. She also helped clear my mind. I am not worried and am less stressed. Julie does a great job! 

Thank you, Jenny W.


March 16, 2011

I am 92 years old, and I came to see Julie six months ago for severe knee pain caused by arthritis. My primary care physician advised me to try acupuncture first even though the surgeon suggested having an operation on my knee. My knee pain was relieved after my first visit with Julie, and I have been pain free for four months after six visits. On top fo that, my back is stronger and aches less. My red eyes are completely gone, and I have more energy and am less tense. My hypertension has improved, my eyes and skin are not as dry and my body is not as cold as it used to be. I can do more things than before and I just feel better over all. Last winter I had a few colds and an ear infection and this winter I have had nothings since I came to Julie. I feel really good and am very happy to have run into her. Now I am coming back, for a tune-up. My friend who is 94 years old and his wife are also very happy with the results that acupuncture from Julie has given them.



Julie, I have been your patient for four years now in Eugene.  Initially I came for seasonal allergies but I’ve experienced help in many other areas as well.  I see you as my primary care physician.

You have treated me for shingles, stomach ulcers, asthma, a burn on my knee, torn muscles, aches in my knee, and hormonal symptoms related to pre-menopause.  I bring my daughters in regularly also!

You are a gem, I’m so glad I found you!  We all love you Julie!

 Lisa W.



Thank you for your wonderful care of my mom and dad.  They were so impressed with your acupuncture. I still feel great, with no elbow or knee pain.  That is amazing!

Tim, M.D. in Eugene



March 9, 2011

I am fifty-four years old. I was not a newcomer to acupuncture prior to coming to Julie for treatments. I was a newcomer to Eugene when I literally closed my eyes, picked her out of the phonebook and called for an initial appointment. That proved to be a lucky choice that has led to my improved physical and mental health and my well-being.  Over four years ago, I initially came for an old knee injury that was quickly taken care of in three treatments, and I have not had any symptoms since. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and intricate knowledge of the body. Her healing treatments have eliminated my allergies and symptoms of asthma, from which I have suffered since my youth.

Last year I became dehydrated, was having pains in my lower right quadrant, and I went to my primary physician. They became concerned that I was possibly suffering from appendicitis and I was sent directly to get an MRI scan to find the problem. Nothing showed up so they suggested that I had gallstones and that my gall bladder may need to be removed. I was scheduled for an ultrasound two weeks later. I went to Julie in between for a series of treatments (which relieved my symptoms) and later the ultrasound showed nothing of concern.  I would recommend that anyone use Julie’s healing skills to alleviate pain and maintain their health and well being through their years.

Thank you Julie for all that you have done for me!

 Gregory G. (Prof.)



Thank you for taking good care of my patients!

Eugene M.D.



I am no longer suffering from endometriosis, depression, IBS and asthma.

I feel peaceful, centered, and better all over thanks to your acupuncture. 






There are not words to express my appreciation for your caring help you’ve provided to me.

I really don’t know where I’d be without you. You are my life-saver!! Thank you so much.

Marsha M.

 (Referred by consulting MD, 2004)



May 3, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

I came in today to see Dr. Julie Fu. I have been having chronic pain from neck surgery and the diagnosis of (RA) pain throughout my body. After my treatment I am having no pain and feeling like my body is having a re-birth. I look forward to spending time with Dr. Julie to continue the healing of my body. I am so happy to find this wonderful healer. Thank you from my heart.



P.S- I am feeling great again at 64



December 9, 2012

I am a retired nurse living in Eugene. I first came to see Julie on November 21, 2011 for severe pain. I was much better after the first visit. The first week after that treatment I had no pain in my feet, and also less headaches. My fibromyalgia is much better. I’m sleeping better, and I have less post-nasal drip and no dry throat at all. I just finished my second treatment with Julie and I feel much better.




October 17, 2011

This is my first experience with acupuncture and I am amazed! I have had chronic stomach pain for three years, and no doctor has ever been able to help me. I visited the Emergency Room twice and saw two Gastroenterologists. Julie not only helped my stomach, but I also sleep better, I’ve stopped grinding my teeth, and my overall outlook on life has improved. Things I wouldn’t even think to ask my doctor to help me with, Julie has fixed completely. It is also very apparent that Julie totally invested in helping each and every person she sees until their problems are solved. I’ve never worked with a medical professional who is so full of empathy. Thank you Julie!

Jean L., Portland OR

Referred by Grandma



December 2011

Many thanks for all you do for myself, my family, my friends, and ….

all humanity! YOU truly ARE a gift!!! to me and to this PLANET!

Happy (healthy!) 2012 to us all, I love you so very much!

Sandra P.






















November 22, 2012

I so look forward to my Julie visits! After a visit I feel able to cope with my pain and can get back to life. Each visit I get better and better. Chronic pain is awful to have to deal with, and I am so happy to have a way to help me feel good. For the first time I have hope that I will not have this pain every day for the rest of my life! IBS issues are all gone. Asthma is no problem now, and I am sleeping through the night. I have had lower back pain for fifteen years and it is all but gone.



December 7, 2011

I had a terrible pain in the upper abdominal area about six months ago and had to be hospitalized for five days. It was a severe case of pancreatitis. I had been seeing Julie for other issues and came in for another treatment. She assured me she could heal my pancreas and she did (instant relief after each visit). I haven’t had any more pain or other symptoms for several months.

Thank you Julie, you’ve really helped me in other areas also.

 I look forward to coming in for treatments.




January 24, 2012

I came to see Julie for acupuncture after months of severe constipation. Multiple visits to the Eugene Urgent Care and the ER for impaction. Numerous medications every day just to keep things moving at all. The gastroenterologist said it was IBS but had no additional suggestions for treatment. After one visit I didn’t have to take any medications for constipation. None! I’m also bipolar and live in a perpetual brain fog from the medications. Now my head is clearer and my mood is brighter. I’ll keep seeing Julie until I’m free of medications.

With gratitude,

Melissa, CT Tech


October 14, 2014

Julie Fu is the best Eugene Acupuncturist I have found. What she does is something special.




 August 13, 2012

Dear Julie, 

I have had so much help for so many issues. You are amazing. You have relieved pain in one ovary (severe pain) in just one treatment, relieved anxiety, made my psoriasis go away, shrunk a tumor on my leg, and just generalized well being with each treatment. You have also helped my kids with many of their issues: migraines, anxiety, and general well being restored.

Thank you for your valuable work.

You are a treasure. 


Belinda D.


January 10, 2012

Several months ago I came to see Julie regarding several health problems. At the time, I must say that I was somewhat skeptical about acupuncture, but my wife and daughter both praise Julie and the procedure so much that I thought I would give it a try. After half a dozen treatments I can definitely attest to the value of acupuncture and Julie's skill in particular. 

The following are things that I asked Julie to attend to and the results from treatment:

1. Elevated liver enzymes - before treatment, my enzymes were elevated to twice normal. Since treatment, my enzymes, as measured by blood samples taken by my doctor, are normal

2. Acid reflux - For at least ten years before my treatment, I had been taking a daily Prilosec tablet and couldn't get through the day without it. Since treatment I am off Prilosec and only use an occasional Tums. 

3. Vision problems - I had been diagnosed with macular degeneration and this was starting to affect my night vision. I was noticing blurriness and halos, especially when driving. After treatment, the blurriness and halos are gone and my vision has improved. 

The following are additional things Julie noticed about me, without me telling her, and treated me for:

1. Facial redness - I've had it since my early twenties and Julie's treatment have greatly reduced it. 

2. Dizziness - While not severe, I was troubled by this a few months ago, but Julie's treatments have all but eliminated

3. "Old age" aches and pains - Greatly reduced, especially in the days right after treatment. 

And the only problem that is still "in progress" is:

1. Allergies/hay fever - I've had this all my life and it's a difficult one. I've tried "desensitization treatments/shots" to no avail. I will keep coming to Julie periodically so she can continue to help me with this and to do an occasional "tune up" on some of the above. 

Even if you come to Julie as a skeptic, like I did, you will be amazed by the results.

- 63 year old retired school administrator/professor 


November 11, 2011

I am so happy that I received an acupuncture treatment from Julie today! I came in feeling dull, lethargic, and dealing with grief in my life. Oh my what a difference! I now feel stronger in every way.

 I have focus, normal energy to finish my day, and the sadness is at a level that I am able to deal with it better now. I have experienced a progression of the atrophy in the muscles in my legs in the past year. Today I can say my legs feel stronger when I walk and my balance is more stable. Thank you Dr. Julie!




November 21, 2011

I came to see Julie on the second of November 2011 for chest pain. I have been having chest pain for more than nine years, and seven years ago I had surgery for angina. The doctors put stints in my artery. After surgery the chest pain was less for a while, but then started to hurt again. I also suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I felt more positive, relaxed, and calmer, the pain and tightness in my chest that I felt daily lifted up right after my first visit with Julie. I haven’t had any chest pain since then. Today is my fourth visit since the second of November, along with some Chinese herbs.

My anxiety is way better and I have not had a panic attack since then. My hypertension was out of control and now is better. I used to have headaches two or three times a week, but I haven’t had a headache since my second treatment. The tremor in my hands has decreased. My lower back and neck pain is less. I used to have night sweats, waking up soaking wet but now it’s gone. My eyes are less blurry, my hearing has returned some, and my chronic cough is better as well. I feel pretty good after todays visit, no anxiety, no sadness, but relaxed.

At this moment I feel like I want to laugh!

I previously saw Julie in 2005 for back and shoulder pain with great results.

 I have also had several friends who have seen Julie and they are all very happy.

       Update: 1/26/12: No chest pain, blood pressure has been under control, and feeling pretty good.




April 12, 2012

I've been seeing Julie since 2005. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to her! I'm an elementary school teacher. Julie has helped me overcome so many illnesses and injuries. I've suffered with allergies and asthma all my life. In just a couple treatments not only did I stop allergy medication, but do not have to use any of my four inhalers I had before! No symptoms in years!! I'm so happy!! When I had a major gallbladder attack two years ago and emergency doctor suggested surgery; I came to see Julie right away. No need for surgery and I haven't had any problems since. I've also been seeing Julie for stress, insomnia, and other issues. I cannot express how good it feels to not only feel relief... but to feel better! Anytime I feel the least bit ill, I see Julie for a "tune up" and am better very fast. I've been on so many antibiotics and drugs since childhood! It feel amazing to get not only better treatment, but a natural one! 

Thank you Julie!! You are truly amazing!!

P.S. All my friends, family, and coworkers now see Julie! 


December 2011

There are no words to express my true feelings of thankfulness towards you for the quality of life you have given to me. I will have a thankful “heart” this Christmas, and I owe it all to you. Julie, you have made it possible for me to live again. I love you and pray always for blessings your way.   

Cheryl and Joe



January 10, 2010

I fell down some stairs and severely sprained both my ankles. They were bad. Eugene paramedics thought one might be broken. They were not, thank goodness. I was in severe pain, had terrible bruising, limited range of motion, and both ankles were as big as grapefruits when I came  to see Julie, I could not believe it. The swelling reduced by half each time during the first two visits and the pain subsided to the point that they only hurt when I put weight on them first thing in the morning. The next week she had me move them around and rotate them while I had needles in. My range of motion improved substantially. I also did not need the wheelchair or crutches any longer and the pain was gone. This is my fifth acupuncture visit. I came in limping and I am walking out like nothing ever happened. They are still swollen a little and I have to be careful not to re-injure them, but it is amazing how quickly such a severe sprain has healed. 


Shelli Y.



August 17, 2011

I have been having terrible nausea for one and a half years and Bipolar Disorder for over twenty years.  I have been doing much better and am staying out of the hospital! 

Thank you so much Julie for all you do!  You have made a huge difference in my life.

 The stomach cramps are gone and I can eat once again and my mood is improving all the time.  After only two treatments, I have not had an attack of depression for several months.

 (Forty-five years old, disabled for six years, went to UO, but was unable to finish)

Thank You,




August 16, 2011

Dr. Fu, I was recommended to come and see you by a neighbor hear in Eugene.  I suffered from depression, anxiety and binge eating.  After two sessions, I feel that my symptoms have lessened.

 My sleep has improved tremendously ~ with pleasant dreams too! 

Thank you Dr. Fu for your help.  I sincerely feel that I am on a path of healing.


February 25, 2010

Dear Dr. Fu, I have waited a while to give this letter because I am simply am not certain what other positive results the treatments might bring!

I originally came to you for nerve entrapment in my elbows. This was diagnosed by M.R.I. and nerve testing ordered by Dr. Lisa Lamoreaux. Her final conclusion was that ever though the pain was miserable for me she could not warrant surgery until I worsened. But she handed me your card and said you should try this and see how it works; I believe it could work. Boy, was she right!!

My pain still bothers me if I over do my farm chores, but 90% of the time the pain is gone. Most of the time I forget it even bothered me at all, especially at work. Before my first treatment, moving any direction with my elbows produced what I call "sick pain." It makes you feel sick at the stomach. I am very sensitive to any prescribed medication, so I cannot take anti-inflammatories or pain medication You saved my ability to keep working as my work depends on my arms and hands. 

Then I discovered that so many other things are affected by acupuncture! All other aspects of my well being have been positively affected. I am 52 and have suffered for years from sleep disturbances, primarily not sleeping for more than 2-3 hours without waking and then not being able to fall asleep again. Many, many days spent "beat" and trying to be positive about work and life in general. Not now!!! I sleep peacefully, and if I do wake up, I can always fall back asleep in just a few minutes. This is wonderful!

In my whole life I have struggled at times with depression and anxiety. At times, I have resorted to medication but find it makes me groggy and worse - especially if I am taking a pharmaceutical medication. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I am more relaxed and accepting of stressful occurrences. I am, as Julie says, more peaceful.

My job as a phlebotomist requires the constant standing and walking on concrete flooring at our clinic. In the last couple years, I have coped as best I could with chronic leg and feet issues. I am not overweight and think that my primary care doctor dismissed the conservation we had as a trivial discomfort - it wasn't. By the end of the world week, I often would cry in the evening in pain in my feet and swelling of my legs. I elevated them during the night, purchased new shoes every three months, massage, you name it, but no permanent relief until acupuncture! My legs and feet are like they were before I started working at the hospital seven years ago! It has made my working sooo much better. I was afraid that I might have to find a new type of work because I hurt so much.

My general health and mental health have improved dramatically. I can't say how grateful I am to you and Dr. Lamoreaux. Thank you seems to small, but thank you. 

Namaste, Lisa 


I can't thank you enough for the healing you can do :-) Two weeks ago I told you that my rheumatologist didn't think I'd be able to return to work before my FMVA was up. You said, "I'm very confident you'll be back to work before that happens." My energy slowly came back. This week I returned to work - before my leave was done (by one day). 

I can't thank you enough. I believe you can help me with all my lupis problems. 


P.S. My sinus issues are improved too. Major thank you to working so hard on my heart when I first started seeing you. One visit and my heart and blood pressure were normal. You are awesome. 


June 12, 2009

I was amazed at how much better I felt after one visit.  I slept soundly all night, which happened rarely before.  My anxiety is slipping away day by day, and my outlook on life is brighter.  The intense pervading sadness is gone.  My general health is so much better, including life-long digestive and IBS problems.  My body continues to heal itself.  I cannot adequately express my thanks to Julie for changing my life.

Thank You,



December 15, 2008

Julie, God Bless You and Your Family! Thank you so much for all the help you have given Cody, he has received so much relief from his migraines, depression, stomach cramps, rib pain, poor appetite and concentration. We are so very grateful!

Lisa and Doug


I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your willingness to listen and to make your office a safe and welcoming place to come. I had such a feeling of peace and acceptance. The rest of today went very well and I look forward to my next appointment.

You are doing such good work for so many people and me. Bless You!

Sherry L. (Referred by Primary Doctor)


Julie, my attitude is so much better these days, also my health is always better. Your acupuncture treatments are really helping me. Thanks.

Phil B.


Julie, I love you!

Thank you for your help and your friendship, you are a beautiful person and I am blessed to know you!

Vivian (RN)



I just wanted to express my gratitude for your healing, kindness and generosity and thoughtfulness towards my son and I. You are very effective!

I hope more people can experience the benefits of your treatments!




Thank you for all the acupuncture treatments, our lives are so much better because of you. I tell lots of people to come see you, and they all say how much they love it! You do wonderful and effective work and we wanted to say a special thank you.

 Clark & Mary, Drain, OR

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