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General Stomach Issues




My wife was referred to you by her gastroenterologist for stomach bloating, cramps, and diarrhea 3 months ago. She is so much better now, she is happy because she feels comfortable in many ways. Her rib pain is gone and she is not feeling chilled as she use to be, with being so much more relaxed and happier. Her eye doctor was surprised by how smooth and moist her corneas on her eyes are now after her treatments with Julie. Then I had a treatment for myself. I use to have a lot of body aches, pain on my back, leg, hip and arms... They are pretty much gone. My vertigo, and chronic cough are gone. I got a diagnosis of neuropathy 35 years ago, my legs were always numb and tingling and now I first felt my feet again after 35 years ~ and they are much less tingling and numb. I was depressed for more than 30 years and now I am so happy, even my doctor told me that he had never seen me as happy. Now I can see better, hear better, and remember things better, as well have more energy. I am not feeling as hot as I use to be. After 8 years my sleep apnea is much better and looking forward to the day that I do not need to sleep with C-pap machine anymore. I also sent my son to see Julie and he is a totally different person after 2 acupuncture visits. He is happier, more positive with more confidence as well as having much less body pain. Now he can handle stressful situations much better.


Jim D



My consultant gastroenterologist referred me to Julie. I had daily vomiting after eating and stomach cramps, which I suffered with for four years. I had a big relief after the first visit. Now the vomiting and cramps are gone. Heartburn and chronic chest pain are gone. My year round allergies are much better and I am not feeling weak and dehydrated like I used to. Thank you Julie for your care.


Chris (Referred by Eugene GI doctor)


August 17, 2011

I have been having terrible nausea for one and a half years and bipolar disorder for over twenty years. I have been doing much better and am staying out of the hospital! Thank you so much Julie for all that you do! You have made a huge difference in my life. The stomach cramps are gone, and I can eat once again. My mood is improving all the time. After only two treatments, I have had an attack of depression for several months. 

Thank you, 



January 24, 2012

I came to see Julie after months of severe constipation. Multiple visits to Urgent Care and the ER for impaction. Numerous medications every day just to keep things moving at all. The gastroenterologist said it was IBS but had no additional suggestions for treatment. After one visit, I didn't have to take any medications for constipation. None! I'll keep seeing Julie until I'm free of medications.

With gratitude,

Melissa, CT Tech 



October 17, 2011

This is my first experience with acupuncture and I am amazed! I have had chronic stomach pain for three years, and no doctor has ever been able to help me. I visited the Emergency Room twice and saw two Gastroenterologists. Julie not only helped my stomach, but I also sleep better, I’ve stopped grinding my teeth, and my overall outlook on life has improved. Things I wouldn’t even think to ask my doctor to help me with, Julie has fixed completely. It is also very apparent that Julie totally invested in helping each and every person she sees until their problems are solved. I’ve never worked with a medical professional who is so full of empathy. Thank you Julie!


Jean L., Portland OR

Referred by Grandma



My stomach feels the best in twenty-five years after my first visit with Julie. I was referred by my gastroenterologist to see Julie for acupuncture treatments, I have had 3 visits so far. Acupuncture not only relieved my stomach pain, as well as my body aches and chronic cough, but I also feel much calmer and able to go into a deep sleep.



Jo (Referred by GI Doctor)


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