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January 24, 2012

I came to see Julie after months of severe constipation. Multiple visits to Eugene Urgent Care and the ER for impaction. Numerous medications every day just to keep things moving at all. The gastroenterologist said it was IBS but had no additional suggestions for treatment. After one visit I didn’t have to take any medications for constipation. None! I’m also bipolar and live in a perpetual brain fog from the medications. Now my head is clearer and my mood is brighter. I’ll keep seeing Julie until I’m free of medications.

With gratitude,

    Melissa, CT Tech



June 26, 2012

Dear Julie, Thanks to you, my headaches are gone, my blood pressure is back to what it was when I was in my twenties, and I feel much calmer. Thank you Julie that you have improved my IBS so that I was able to fly to the East Coast from Eugene to celebrate my daughter's Ph.D. I feel very luck to have found you, and I appreciate all you have done.



Gwen W.



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