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Gall Bladder


March 9, 2011


I am fifty-four years old. I was not a newcomer to acupuncture prior to coming to Julie for treatments. I was a newcomer to Eugene when I literally closed my eyes, picked her out of the phonebook and called for an initial appointment. That proved to be a lucky choice that has led to my improved physical and mental health and my well being.  Over four years ago, I initially came for an old knee injury that was quickly taken care of in three treatments, and I have not had any symptoms since. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and intricate knowledge of the body. Her healing treatments have eliminated my allergies and symptoms of asthma, from which I have suffered since my youth.

Last year I became dehydrated, was having pains in my lower right quadrant, and I went to my primary physician. They became concerned that I was possibly suffering from appendicitis and I was sent directly to get an MRI scan to find the problem. Nothing showed up so they suggested that I had gallstones and that my gall bladder may need to be removed. I was scheduled for an ultrasound two weeks later. I went to Julie in between for a series of treatments (which relieved my symptoms) and later the ultrasound showed nothing of concern.  I would recommend that anyone use Julie’s healing skills to alleviate pain and maintain their health and well being through their years.

Thank you Julie for all that you have done for me!


 Gregory G. (Prof.)


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