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Chest Pain



September 16, 2013

I am 24 years old, and an OSU graduate student. I came to Julie for severe chest pain, which lasted for more than a year.The pain greatly affected my studies and daily life. I saw more than ten M.D.'s, six acupuncturists, and even ended up in the E.R. several times. It seemed like no one would be able to help me. Then, on August 15th, 2013, I started to run a low fever and was having trouble breathing due to the severity of the pain. At the time I was having trouble even walking. I came to see Julie in Eugene and felt relief right away after my first visit. My fever was gone, I felt so relaxed, and was able to breathe without pain. After five visits, my chest, shoulder, and neck pain are all gone, and I am able to think more clearly with better focus. Now I can do everything I want in a better fashion. Julie really saved my life.


Allen Y.



November 21, 2011

I came to see Julie on the second of November 2011 for chest pain. I have been having chest pain for more than nine years, and seven years ago I had surgery for angina. The doctors put stents in my artery. After surgery the chest pain was less for a while, but then started to hurt again. I also suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I felt more positive, relaxed, and calmer, the pain and tightness in my chest that I felt daily lifted up right after my first visit with Julie. I have not had any chest pain since then. Today is my fourth visit since the second of November, along with some Chinese herbs. My anxiety is way better and I have not had a panic attack since then. My hypertension was out of control and now is better. I used to have headaches two or three times a week, but I have not had a headache since my second treatment. The tremor in my hands has decreased. My lower back and neck pain is less. I used to have night sweats, waking up soaking wet but now it is gone. My eyes are less blurry, my hearing has returned some, and my chronic cough is better as well. I feel pretty good after my visit today visit, no anxiety, no sadness, but relaxed. At this moment I feel like I want to laugh!

I previously saw Julie in 2005 for back and shoulder pain with great results.

I have also had several friends who have seen Julie and they are all very happy.





November 24, 2009

It started with pain in my shoulder and under right rib area. Went to doctor and they performed many tests including blood work, CT scan, Ultrasound and hide-a-scan. They said everything looked normal. But the pain persisted with abdominal and shoulder pain as well as diarrhea, then they sent me to a gastroenterologist doctor, which did an endoscope and found nothing. They said my gallbladder was malfunctioning so they sent me to a gallbladder surgeon and they took the gallbladder out. The pain simmered down for a short time but never went away. As time went on the pain and diarrhea was worse and along came other symptoms, blurry vision, poor appetite, feverish, headaches, bloating and depression. Went back to the doctor and they ran blood work test, an MRCP to check for blockage in ducting of liver and pancreas ~ all test were normal. Went back to doctor and told him I still have symptoms, they then put me on a low dose of anti-depression medications. After 3 weeks of medication still no improvement, in fact I was worse. They increased the meds and after another 3 weeks still nothing positive happening, I kept calling the doctor, they then referred me to Julie Fu. After a couple of visits things started improving, diarrhea gone, headaches gone, feverish gone and appetite returning. After 4 treatments with Julie I am no longer taking depression medication. As I continue to see Julie, all my symptoms are getting better. Thank goodness for Julie who knows if I had just kept taking all the drugs, where I would be now. I am feeling much better



Update on November 9, 2009: After 3rd Treatment: No rib pain, no bloating, no sad feelings, no diarrhea, good appetite, stopped anti-depression medication for approximately 2 weeks now. No headaches, approximately 1 week, no lower back pain at present time.

Thank you  Julie



May 18, 2009

I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis by my lung specialist, which I suffered with for more than 2 years. I had a chest pain, shortness of breath, a chronic cough, mucus, as well as tiredness. I ended up in the emergency room one time for chest pain. Since I came to Julie on May 2008, all my symptoms are gone after a few acupuncture visits. Also I no longer feel depressed and my IBS and sciatica are gone. Now I see Julie once in a while for general health maintenance. I sleep well now, my memory is getting better, my mind is peaceful and I have good energy. Thank you Julie for helping me.



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