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Headaches/ Migraines




December 2015


I wanted to thank you so very much for helping me and my family. You helped me so much with my depression and stresses, Logan with his headaches (concussion) and Will with his asthma (gone). We are so much better off because of you. Thank you! I wish you and your wonderful family the best, happiness and success. 

With warmest regards and love, 





November 24, 2009

I have never been happier!

I am nineteen years old and I have been having migraines since I was ten years old. I have been through countless medications and doctors to make my migraines stop. Some worked for a short period of time, but in the end it only left me disappointed when my migraines came back. Since I have been seeing Julie my migraines have completely stopped! I now sleep better, have less anxiety and I love life again. I admit, I only started seeing Julie because of my mother who thought it would be best for me, so I gave it a try. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made to continue seeing her. She has helped me in so many ways and I would recommend her to anyone! Nine people in my family have now seen Julie.

Thank you Julie Fu for everything you have done for me!


A Happy Eugene College Student



I have been seeing Julie for 6 months for my migraines. Last summer every morning I woke up with a cloudy head. This summer I am drinking coffee and beer, I am going outside without worrying about getting a headache after being exposed to the sun for five minutes like I use to.

I am back to enjoying life. Julie brought my life back.

I cannot thank you enough.



In 2006, I started experiencing migraines and knew I did not want to take any additional medication. That summer, I went to see Dr. Julie Fu for the first time. The migraines stopped right away. She looked at my medical history and told me she could cure my bipolar illness. Because of my past experiences, I was initially skeptical and was not willing to go off my medication. I agreed to undergo acupuncture treatments while continuing my medication. I had a total of 10 treatments betweens September and December of 2006. With each treatments, I could feel a dramatic change taking place in my nervous system and was able to sleep deeply each night for the first time in over 15 years.

A grateful patient



I am so happy I found you ~ I am so thankful to be headache free after fifteen year of non-stop pain. I can’t thank you enough.  I look forward to our visits.

Update 12/5/11: No migraines for four years!




September 9, 2009

I have just finished my 4th acupuncture visit with Julie ~ my primary care physician sent me for help with my migraine headaches, which I have experienced since my 20s ~ those are gradually improving, but in addition to this, Julie identified and has helped with several other issues. After the first visit I noticed much clearer breathing right away. Also my energy has increased steadily, and my back pain is less.

Thank you, Julie!






Marty Newlander’s Story:


1) 5/27/2008

I came in very skeptical at first, as I don’t do needles! I came in with chronic/severe headaches and a pounding pain in C-1-2 region. I was also very depressed and heavy. During my first treatment Julie made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. Afterward ~ I’m pain free and feel so light that I could fly! No heaviness; WOW! Why did I wait so long! I’ve seen 9 doctors in Portland (OHSU), 5 in Tigard, 6 in Coos Bay, 5 in Eugene and one in Springfield! Thank you Julie!!!



2) 6/3/2008

My name is Marty Newlander, and I was in a serious car accident on 3/4/04. I was at a complete stop, and I was hit from behind, by a very big rig with a winch bumper. They estimate was that he was going between 60-65 miles per hour. I was leaning forward when I was hit. I have not worked in 4 years now due to intense pain. I have not had a day without a headache. I currently live on 120 mg of methadone a day plus, between, 15-90 mg. Oxycodone per day. A good nights sleep for me, since the accident, has been three hours straight. Then, the pain awakens me! I get up and use both heat and ice, and then I go back to bed and get maybe one to two more hours of sleep. I then can’t take it anymore and have to get up. I also would go to the emergency room every 4-6 weeks for pain shots. I have no longer felt like I was living, only existing! I have no energy, am constantly depressed, and do not feel like I want to go on. I have seen approximately twenty six doctors, all over the state, they have: burned nerves, done faucet and epidural shots, physical therapy, ultra sound treatments, traction, medication which they have tried eighty nine various combinations. Some treatments yielded slight relief only, and strictly temporary. When seeing my neurosurgeon he told me he could do surgery, but there was only a 50% chance I would be better and a 90% chance I could be paralyzed.

I saw Dr. Julie Fu on 5/27/08 and boy what a difference, Wow! I have also suffered from constant headaches since the accident. It has been one week since my first visit and I am still totally pain free, I’m so amazed. I now want to live! There are no adequate words to express my awe and thankfulness for what Julie has done for me. During my initial 1st visit with Julie, I had total pain relief right away. I went home and for the 1st time in 4 and a half years I slept through the night! WOW! ~ Normal sleep has been roughly 1 to 3 hours then I’d be up for 2 to 4 hours putting ice or heat on my neck, then going to sleep for maybe 2 to 3 hours then up again! I have been so tired. That 1st week after Julie’s treatment I was up early every morning ~ out and doing things until late in the day or early evening!! Before I could only concentrate 1 or 2 hours at a time then take a break. This is very frustrating for someone who at 43 yrs old was hyperactive and a go-getter as well as a workaholic and helper of many. To being a captive in my own body, watching life go by and not being able to do anything!!! All the medical doctors said: There is nothing we can do for you, you will just have to suffer and live on pain medications for the next five to ten years and maybe medical technology will come up with something to help you. I am alive again! I am ready to go back to work!!! I am ready to live again!

Julie you are an answer to prayer!



3) 6/11/2009

Julie, you have my permission to use my name and give out my phone number to anyone you would like. You truly are amazing and I am very grateful for what you have done! You have given me hope & you have given me my life back! Twenty-six doctors later and suffering with 8-10 level pain out of my mind, Julie has been a Godsend, A LITERAL MIRACLE WORKER! Let her work wonders on you! I just finished my third visit, I love you Julie! THANK YOU, North Bend, OR (541) 756-2632



4) 9/15/09

Update: Marty Newlander

Today is my 1st treatment since February 17th, 2009 ~ Going from not being able to work for 4 and a half years ~ eight specialists told me I might never work again. I now have been working full time since August 2008 ~ Julie gave me my life and dignity back. Since February 2009 I have been working 10 to 12 hours per day and for the last 3 months I have been working 16 hours a day ~ Monday through Friday. I have never experienced the kind of pain relief and quality of life without all the pain medications and drugs. I am off all pain medications and prescription drugs for 1 full year and it is all due to Julie! I am back to having a full and wonderful life through the gift I have received through Julie. I believe she is my Angel, heaven sent. I would not be alive today if it were not for her. My primary care physician referred patients to Julie because of my case.




May 2011

I am fifteen years old. I came over to Julie on May 19, 2011 for severe headaches. I injured my head when I hit in on the ground playing softball two years ago and was diagnosed with a concussion. My headaches were from five times a week, then constant. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most pain, the best my headaches ever got was about a five. After my first treatment I felt better immediately, my pain went from seven to 1.5. I had six treatments since then, and I am now pain free. I was anxious when I came over, now I am more calm and relaxed, and I sleep better. I saw several neurologists for these headaches, including a specialist in Portland. They all told me that they couldn’t help, and eventually referred me for acupuncture. I came back to Julie when I had another head injury recently. I was hit in the head by a horseshoe, and had to have stitches. The pain was between seven and ten, but after three treatments I had no pain at all. 

A Happy Teenager


February 26, 2009

This was my first experience with anything other than Western Medicine. I have had chronic headaches for over 20 years and constant headache for 2 months that make life hard. I can honestly say I have no headache right now! Looking forward to better presence of mind and much more energy. Thank you!




This is my husbands second visit to Dr. Fu. After his first visit 3 months ago he noted a significant improvement to his over all health. He was sleeping better, no more snoring or night sweating. Most importantly the daily headaches he had been experiencing for over years were completely gone. The neck and shoulder pains associated with these headaches were also gone.

Patti L.



March 17, 2010

I am 73 years old; my oral surgeon referred me to see Julie 6 weeks ago. I had chronic pain as I hurt all over for 15 years after a severe car accident, especially my neck and back, and pains down my right leg. I also had headaches for more than 10 years, and they have become more constant in the last few months before I came to Julie. During my first visit my headache went away and I have not had any headaches for more than 6 weeks now. My body pain has decreased dramatically, and I have some pain on my neck and back but it is so much better. I had suffered with Insomnia for many years but now I sleep pretty well. My eyes no longer are itching, burning and not as dry as they use to be. I had stomach pain for more than 20 years and a chronic cough, but both are all gone. I use to be chilled during the day and hot at nights but now I am comfortable. I had very dry skin but all this is better. I can do more things around the house now that I could not do before.

Donna (Referred by Eugene Oral Surgeon)


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