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After two years of my wife and daughter trying to get me to visit Julie in Eugene, I finally made an appointment. Now my sleep is so relaxed and deep that on occasion my wife was concerned I had passed over while sleeping, only to be happy for me that I was able to get such relaxing levels of sleep. Also my fibromyalgia of years has reduced pain and fatigue. As well as stomach pain from acid reflux. To anyone reading this, Julie can help you ~ I am sure of it!

Ted B.



After 40 years of suffering from severe insomnia, I am sleeping well now. My injured leg healed quickly and also my neck feels the best in many years. Thank you!



June 12, 2009

I was amazed at how much better I felt after one visit. I slept soundly all night, which rarely happened before. My anxiety is slipping away day by day, and my outlook on life is brighter. The intense pervading sadness is gone. My general health is so much better, including life long digestive and IBS problems. My body continues to heal itself. I cannot adequately express my thanks to Julie for changing my life. 

Thank you,



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