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Cancer Support


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August 12, 2009

Joes Journey:

Words cannot express the appreciation my husband, myself, and our families have for the difference Julie's acupuncture treatments made in my husbands cancer journey. Not only is she highly qualified and skilled in administering the acupuncture treatments, but she is a compassionate and caring person who feels the pain of knowing people are suffering needlessly because they are not aware or willing to take advantage of the power of acupuncture. I gladly submit this testimonial in the hopes that it will educate and make a positive difference in others who are traveling the cancer journey.

When my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the oncologist told him he had 3 to 6 months to live. Julie told him that while she could not cure his cancer with acupuncture, she could enhance his own body's healing power to fight the cancer and live longer, and as it turned out ~ Joe lived almost 2 years after being diagnosed. Not only did Julie's treatments extend the length of his life ~ the treatments also drastically improved the quality of his life. When he first met Julie, he had been prescribed a multiple number of pain meds that included daily Morphine (plus ER visits), which he felt only added to the discomfort of the cancer. Throughout the treatments with Julie, he was able to completely stop taking all of the prescription pain meds and he remained relatively pain free until the final few weeks of his life. My husband was an avid outdoorsman! He believed it was because of the acupuncture treatments he received from Julie that he was able to play golf again, go fishing in Washington (got a 40 lb. salmon), bird watching in Central Oregon, rafting on the McKenzie River as well as a trip to Hawaii. One year after being told he had only 3 to 6 months to live, my husband was able to join family members and friends on a 10 day Elk hunting trip for what Joe considered the trip of a lifetime, in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area of Montana. The trip involved a twenty-six mile horseback ride into the hunting camp, which was a challenging trip for even the healthy members of the group. My husband not only had the strength and endurance to make the round trip horseback ride of the 52 miles, but felt well enough that he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the 10-day camping, hunting and fishing experience. He also shot a 700 lb. Elk, and he went back hunting for another 2 weeks in a different area after this trip Receiving a diagnosis of terminal cancer is devastating for the patient, as well as their families. Why allow the added physical pain and suffering this disease so often brings, when these symptoms can be eliminated or drastically improved upon through acupuncture treatment?

Thank you Julie again for the great care you gave to Joe,




Carol's Story:

September 12, 2008

My doctor said he thought my liver tumor was larger than at the two week prior exam. My tumor is approximately the size of a small egg. The tumor in my pancreas is golf ball sized and the tumors in my lungs are small. After two treatments, my pain is nearly gone throughout my abdomen. Two weeks ago the pain was in my entire back and all around my midsection. I could not eat and was sick even if I would eat 1/2 cup of yogurt. Now, after two treatments with Julie my back and shoulder pain is gone except when I lie down. The pain in my left breast and shoulders is still there, but I can eat and feel hungry again. The pain that had been in my right shoulder is gone. My vision had been distorted and blurry and is now normal. When I first came to Julie (9/5/08), I was so weak and so afraid. I didn't even know who I was because I felt so fragile and hopeless. Now I feel strong emotionally and in control. Pain had been a 10 when I came in. I was taking too many pain pills without relief. Now I am taking any medication. I use an ice pack on my neck and breast to get relief. My pain level is no more than a 2 without pain medication! I am able to be up and busy all day. Two weeks ago all I could do was lie down all day. I am not as hot and am able to urinate more. 

September 18, 2008

On the 16th, my doctor told me my main cancer is in the pancreas, which has spread to the liver and lung. He told me that he does not recommend chemo, because I would become very ill and would probably not get any better. He told me to use my time to enjoy my family and do things I want to do. He also told me to continue my treatments with Julie for pain. 

September 22, 2008

My pain is much less, and I have not taken any pain medication. Last night pain began in my right shoulder and in the area above my right breast. Today after treatment, the pain is all gone! I haven't had any appetite and can'y eat without nausea. Last week I went from 127 lbs to 119 lbs. I hope to stop weight loss and feel like eating again. No nausea after treatment. 

September 25, 2008

After treatment today, I feel more rested and have no pain in my back. I am not feeling nausea now like I was yesterday. I feel peaceful and feel like I can go home and rest comfortably. I also feel like I will be able to enjoy my trip to Disneyland and to visit family

October 13, 2008

Pain has been much less everywhere. If I have pain it seems to be associated with the need of bowel movements, which is difficult. I have a lot of nausea and difficulty eating. After treatment today, I feel very relaxed and have no nausea and have more energy than this morning. This is the first time in two weeks that I have had treatment due to out of town. I was worried pain would come back but it didn't!


April 25 to June 12, 2014

At my first appointment, I was a little apprehensive about what would happen. Julie is a most loving and caring person. After the first treatment, I was pain free! I came because of prostate cancer, 3rd round. 1998 proton and photon radiation, 2006 crio treatment, 2014 bag again. After a month of treatment with Julie, my body is healing from the inside out, and a week ago the oncologist in Seattle did not find cancer. Julie doesn't claim to cure cancer, but she knows how to let your body fight it's way back to health (pain free and healthy). This and a lot of prayer and the good lord Jesus watching over all of us. Julie has been given knowledge and wisdom to understand the human body for healing and making you happy! 

Thank you so much for your smile, pats, and hugs, friend!

Charles B. 


March 17, 2009


Thank you for the care you have been offering me since early December 2008.

I realize that as a patient, I have an experience that encompasses everything I am doing for my health ~ and, in my case, my survival. Your part in all that has been key to me. When I began seeing Dr. Fu Almost four months ago, I had Stage IV non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Very soon after I began receiving her treatments, I began to relax and become more optimistic. I believe all of this balancing and re-aligning of my energies served to offer me a platform from which I could be available to further the next steps in my healing process. In fact, today as a result of your acupuncture treatment, along with additional complementary and innovative therapies, I am sleeping much better, and feel my old energy is back and I am experiencing a definite shrinkage in the tumors. For me Dr. Fu's acupuncture has helped me get my life back. I am grateful.

Pat (referred by an M.D. friend in Eugene)



June 9, 2009

I was referred by my oncologist to see Julie on January 2009, for daily vomiting and all over body pain. I was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008. After my first treatment with Julie, I was no longer vomiting and felt better in many ways. I was more positive, better appetite, more energy, decreased neck swollen, less rib pain and body pain, less difficultly swallowing and less dry mouth. After third treatment, my doctor was able to take my feeding tube out which I had for more than a year and I also felt better, better all over! I went to the Casino after my fourth treatment and had a wonderful time. Thanks Julie.

Gary (referred by Eugene Oncologist)



February 23, 2009

I came to Julie with many aches and pains that were intensified by a cancer drug I was on. I am feeling so much better. I feel happier about myself. After going through breast cancer surgery and radiation a year ago I was feeling down about the whole process even though I am a survivor. Julie has helped those feelings go away.

My husband is also her patient. He has had chronic neck and back pain caused by arthritis. He has suffered from this for years and since seeing Julie he seldom has any pain.

Thank you Julie!



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