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Back Pain/ Injury



I was on morphine, 120 mg daily, for three and a half years when I came to Julie two years ago.

Julie greatly reduced my back and hip pain and improved my general health. I have not used any morphine for more than two years now.

Neal J.


November 22, 2011

I so look forward to my Julie visits! After a visit I feel able to cope with my pain and can get back to life. Each visit I get better and better. Chronic pain is awful to have to deal with, and I am so happy to have a way to help me feel good. For the first time I have hope that I will not have this pain every day for the rest of my life! IBS issues are all gone. Asthma is no problem now, and I am sleeping through the night. I have half lower back pain for fifteen years and its all but gone.




June 15, 2011

I first came to see Dr. Fu for a mid-back injury and chronic neck pain. I had been seeing a chiropractor for six weeks with no relief. After my first visit with Julie the mid back pain was gone, and my neck was feeling much better. I continued to see Dr. Fu three more times to work on my neck pain and insomnia. I have seen Dr. Fu four times now and my neck and back are completely healed. I am feeling calmer, more relaxed and rested with things worrying me less.

Thank you Dr. Fu, for all your caring and healing ways.

Tracie S.



I have seen Julie several times over the past two years for a variety of issues, among them, a lower back problem (herniated disk), and high cholesterol. Both of these issues were addressed; the back pain is minimal to none and the cholesterol reading has dropped thirty points (without using pills). I have also had some joint pain that has been minimized. I would certainly recommend trying acupuncture with Julie for any ailment before making the decision to take medication or have surgery.




March 7, 2009

My rib and back pain are much improved after my first visit. I am looking forward to pain free days after suffering three years of pain. I hope to quit my pain medications and know I will have a happy life from now on. Thank you Julie!




March 19, 2009

Julie has treated nine of my family members. Mostly I had heard from my Uncle how much she had helped him (angina, shingles, sore throat, and a stroke ~ after 5 years with wheel chair or walker, 3 visits with Julie, he walked all by himself. Julie was able to heal the sore throat that he had for five years; he had seen three specialists previously. )


I came to you with severe back pain, caused by a herniated disk, high blood pressure, chest pains and a very painful knee. All of these issues you have helped me with so much. No more pain medications! Thank you for making my life livable again!




Cindy and I have seen you with great satisfaction! Cindy was going to have two operations, (severe pain caused by three bulging disks) including a fuse on her back but you made it possible for her to avoid that! She has been back pain free for four years now without surgery. You also have been able to fix my shoulder pain and the rest of my related pain from a car accident!

You are wonderful and a miracle worker!

James L. G.


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